1. User Account, Password and Security: The display name, email id and password should be kept safe by the user of this platform and he/she shall be responsible for any act/activities carried out on this platform under the said user account. Therefore, we advise you to keep your credentials safe. Koselly reserves the right to cancel or suspend any user account at any point of time.
  2. Use of information: Any information posted in the platform in the form of graphics, description, text, video or in any other form shall not be copied and used elsewhere in any other manner except with written permission.
  3. Rules governing the transactions: Transactions shall be carried out on this platform in a fair manner. Placing of orders in wrong address or returning of wrong products, impersonating any person or entity and sharing wrong details are strictly prohibited. Orders placed using technological glitch/loophole shall not be deemed to be orders placed and Koselly shall not be obliged to fulfill such orders.